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The Great Unexpected


The Great Unexpected by Sharon Creech

The Great UnexpectedI was first drawn to this book by the cover.  It’s just so beautifully done.  And then when I saw the author’s name,  Sharon Creech, I knew it was a must read.  But, to tell you the truth, I’m still struggling to determine how I feel about this novel.  The writing was absolutely beautiful.  The characters intriguing.  The two best friends were unique in their own ways and they were so different from each other that it was easy to enjoy them.  Case in point, Lizzie is the talker who never really stops.  And she is full of questions.  But, when she needs to refocus and calm down, she goes to the moon.

“Lizzie said that if you imagined you were standing on the moon, looking down on the earth, you wouldn’t be able to see the itty-bitty people racing around worrying; you wouldn’t see the barn falling in . . . You would see the most beautiful blue oceans and green lands, and the whole earth would look like a giant blue-and-green marble floating in the sky.  Your worries would seem so small, maybe invisible.”

Wow!  That is so powerful!  The writing is beautiful and honest and it seems to flow straight from the heart.  But maybe even more importantly, what Lizzie says is so essential to know when dealing with the ups and downs of everyday life.  So many people don’t know how to cope when life throws a curveball and Lizzie’s way of standing on the moon to change your perspective is a strategy I think most people could really use.    So this would be an example of something I really loved about the book.  Creech’s writing and her character’s honest, heartfelt emotions.

I’m not sure how to say what I didn’t care for.  I think it just took me awhile to get into the book because the breaks were abrupt.  The story is being told from two different perspectives on different sides of the world.  That’s not the part that got me.  It just seemed like the flow between chapters was sometimes choppy and rough.  But once I found a rhythm, the story picked up and it was more enjoyable for me.  And that made it easier for me to start to put the pieces of the puzzle together, although I did find myself stopping occasionally to think about things that had already taken place.

if you’ve read The Great Unexpected or you read it in the future, I’d love to hear your thoughts.