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Books! Books! Books!


I am a reader.  I have always been a reader.  Growing up, one of my favorite places to go was the public library.  During the summer, I would check out stacks of books, carting them home in grocery bags.  When I found a series or author I liked, I read every book I could find. Nancy Drew? Check!  Boxcar Children? Check!  Little House on the Prairie? Double Check!  By high school, I had moved on to Stephen King, Sidney Sheldon, and Danielle Steele. (I know, obviously my parents weren’t paying too much attention to my reading list.)  Then college hit and I only read the books I had to read.  Even my first few years of teaching saw limited reading.  Of course, there were children’s books I was reading, although not the amount there should have been.  And there was definitely no pleasure reading of adult books.  In fact, I’m not even sure if I can tell you where the nearest branch of the San Antonio Public Library was.  Eventually, I found my way back into reading, although I certainly go through peaks and valleys.  A few years ago, I joined a now-defunct book club, and that definitely revitalized my reading.  And the addition of a Nook helped even more.  But I was really only expanding my personal reading life.  So this past year, I made more of a concentrated effort in the area of children’s lit.  I found a few blogs to follow for recommendations: Teach Mentor Texts and Nerdy Book Club are two of my favorites.  And although I’ve been a member of Shelfari, I recently joined Goodreads and that, for some reason, has really gotten me excited about my reading plans for 2013.  My problem is, I love books and it’s hard to know where to start.  And as someone who has sported a ponytail and yoga pants almost the entire Winter Break, I think it’s pretty obvious I need structure in my life.   So my hope is that I can use this blog and Goodreads to help me not only set reading goals, but achieve those reading goals and share what I learn with whoever decides to read this little blog.